OVEX offers corporate accounts for clients wishing to trade for business purposes or on behalf of a business entity.

If you would like to fund your OVEX account from your business bank account, then a corporate account could be right for you.

Whether you're a family office, brokerage, fin-tech or anything in between, we provide the most attentive service in industry.

Your OVEX representatives are assigned to your business based on its specific needs. This means you get the best team to help you achieve your specific business goals - every time.

  • Personalized deposit & withdrawal limits
  • Access to the OVEX Over-The-Counter (OTC) Trading Desk
  • Margin Trading, if you are eligible to trade margin
  • Post-trade settlement
  • Higher API limits

To open up a corporate account with OVEX please see the following article.

General Requirements:

  1. Company Registration Certificate
  2. Company MOI
  3. Proof of address of the Company 
  4. Company Shareholding Structure
  5. Proof of ID and Address for all shareholders holding over 24% of the company
  6. Proof of ID and Address for all directors of the company