A guide on how to apply for our arbitrage service.

  1. Login to your OVEX account and click on ‘Arbitrage’ in the navigation bar
  2. Scroll down and click on ‘Start Application'
  3. Fill in the typeform personal information questions. These include questions such as; gender, marital status and occupation
  4. Submit the required documentation by attaching the following files on the portal:
    - A Proof of Identity (South African ID Book or Card)
    - A Proof of Address (must be less than a month old)
    - A Proof of Funds (A bank statement proving the funds are available in your account
  5. Next, you must review the DocuSign (an online form that will be sent to you by the Arb Team once all your submitted documents have been reviewed) and add your signatory to the relevant sections. Be sure to sign each relevant section or the DocuSign will be sent back to you for pre-approval
  6. Once the DocuSign has been reviewed and signed you will then have to wait for your offshore Bank Account to be created and FICA approved
  7. Once you have been FICA approved and your Bank Account created you will then deposit your funds
  8. Along with your deposit, you must submit the following to arb@ovex.io
    • An interim banking statement (NOT A POP) showing the transfer of funds from your account into OVEX’s account (i.e. the actual debit in your transaction history)
    • A SoF (Source of Funds) proving that the funds invested are indeed your own and come from legal activity. This is a regulatory prerequisite and non-negotiable
  9. Lastly, you will indicate to the Arb Team by emailing arb@ovex.io the following:
    • How much of your annual ZAR1million SDA you want to allocate to the OVEX Arbitrage Service
    • How much capital you will be allocating to the OVEX Arbitrage Service

Please note: If you are having issues submitting the above documents via the OVEX portal please email them to arb@ovex.io from the same email address linked to your account and attach said files there instead.

Congratulations – your arbitrage account is now active!