OVEX offers broker trading accounts for individuals or corporates looking to trade on behalf of their clients.

Your OVEX broker account is a state of the art trading account enabling you to manage swathes of clients seamlessly.

  1. Facilitating Trades: An OVEX broker account enables the user to execute cryptocurrency trades on behalf of their clients. This is done through your dedicated OVEX WhatsApp group. Here you will be assigned a team of OVEX sales traders available 24/7.

  2. Seamless Allocations: Allocate profits from trades and send your clients trade statements with OVEX letterhead. 
  3. Commission Statements: Download commission statements at the click of a button.
  4. Trading Reports: Download detailed reports for you or your clients.
  5. Access Banking: An OVEX broker account enables the user to open up banking for their clients to seamlessly go from crypto to fiat and back again.
  6. Client Management: Brokers can manage a portfolio of unlimited clients. Give said clients full, partial or zero access to their trading accounts.

  7. Low Latency Trading: State of the art low latency trading infrastructure to ensure immediate order execution. 

  8. API Access: A robust application programming interface (API) allows brokers to automate trading strategies and integrate their own trading systems or third-party trading platforms.

  9. White Label Solutions: Customize your own interface on-top of the OVEX engine and create unique trading solutions. 

  10. Institutional-grade security: The OVEX exchange was built for institutions. This is why our security measures are exhaustive. So you can rest assured your client's funds are in safe hands.
  11. FX and Crypto: Trade traditional FX through our full service Forex solution as well as Crypto all through one avenue. An A-Z solution that can be catered for unique applications.
  12. Price Discovery: Get access to real-time market data and insights and make informed trading decisions.

  13. Personalized Support: Brokers receive dedicated support from OVEX OTC trading experts who can assist with trade execution, order management and quoting.

  14. Custody Services: We offer secure custody solutions to store and manage digital assets for your clients.

  15. Ultra-liquid & Ubiquitous Network: A deep liquidity engine with ramping solutions in multiple markets.