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An overview of all the OTC desk features.

Post-trade settlement

We can open up large credit lines to enable immediate trade execution with the delayed settlement. Never miss out on an opportunity. Trade now and deposit the funds later. Traders have taken advantage of this feature, for example, when engaging in South African cryptocurrency arbitrage.

Cryptocurrency arbitrage example: One can book a trade to buy cryptos outside of South Africa through the OVEX credit line. With rates locked in the trader can simultaneously sell their South African crypto on the OVEX exchange at the premium and fund the trade with the proceeds. This can all be done from a single account!

Ultra-deep liquidity

Execute high-volume trades at one price with zero slippage.

24/7 communication line

We'll establish a 24/7 communication line between you and the trading Desk. Request a quote or ask for assistance at any time.

Margin services

Open leveraged positions for maximum efficiency.

Lowest Spreads

Tiered fee structure. High-volume traders pay zero fees.