Some frequently asked questions about OVEX's OTC Desk.

What is an example of a standard OTC trade (process from start to finish)?

  • Raise your order on the WhatsApp group indicating asset and volume required
  • OVEX’s expert traders will then source you a competitive price for said volume
  • You then have the option of accepting OVEX’s quote
  • Accepting the quote indicates your consent to execute the order


What is the minimum trade volume for access to the Desk?

The minimum block size for access to the Desk is $20,000 (or equivalent).


Where does OVEX get its liquidity from (is the liquidity aggregated from several exchanges?)

OVEX maintains full reserves and has access to deep liquidity. Liquidity in excess of that available directly from OVEX is aggregated from major exchanges.


How many ZAR/CRYPTO onramps and offramps?

Any crypto-asset if the volume is large enough. This can be discussed on a case-by-case basis.


Who generally uses OVEX’s OTC Desk and why?

There is a wide array of individuals and companies using OVEX’s OTC Desk for varying purposes

  • Wealth managers, for example, use the Desk to trade cryptos on their client's behalf
  • Brokers use the Desk to take advantage of market dynamics (like cryptocurrency arbitrage) for their clients
  • High net worth individuals and family offices use the Desk to trade large quantities of cryptocurrency with ease and off of open order books