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Some frequently asked questions about OVEX Interest Accounts.

Can my Corporate Account qualify for OVEX Interest?

OVEX Corporate Accounts are eligible for OVEX Interest.

How do I qualify for APRs greater than 10%?

Deposits over a certain threshold may qualify for APRs of up to 20%. APRs are negotiated based on deposit size. If you will be depositing +$6,000,000 into your OVEX Interest Account please email whale@ovex.io or support@ovex.io for preferential rates.

What is the withdrawal period?

The withdrawal notice period is 14 days.

Once you submit a withdrawal – do you still earn interest over the 14-Day Notice Period?

You stop earning interest after you submit your withdrawal request.

What are the annualized interest rates I can earn?

The yield generated is directly proportional to the amount deposited. Please refer to the following page on the different supported assets and their relative yields.

Are there minimum deposit balances?

There are minimum balances and the amount varies depending on the asset you choose to lock into the OVEX Interest Account. You can see the minimum balances here.

How does OVEX generate yield with the deposited funds?

Funds locked in the Interest Account are not exposed to any counter-party risk. We use these internally for operational liquidity only and payout directly from our balance sheet.