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Some frequently asked questions about OVEX Interest accounts

Can my Corporate Account qualify for OVEX Interest?

OVEX Corporate Accounts are eligible for OVEX Interest.


How do I qualify for APRs greater than 10%?

Deposits over ZAR500,000 can qualify for APRs of up to 20%. APRs are negotiated based on deposit size. Click here to find out more.


What is the withdrawal period?

The withdrawal notice period is 15 days.


Once you submit a withdrawal – do you still earn interest over the 15-Day Notice Period?

You stop earning interest after you submit your withdrawal.


What are the annualized interest rates I can earn?

The yield generated is directly proportional to the amount deposited. Please refer to the following page on the different supported assets and their relative yields.


How does Ovex generate yield with the deposited funds?

OVEX leverages secure channels to safeguard clients' funds whilst generating consistent interest repayments on a daily basis. This is achieved through the following channels:

  • Primarily by offering post-trade settlement facilities to large OTC clients
  • Secondly by staking in blue-chip De-Fi protocols
  • And lastly through the perpetual-futures-spot market arbitrage



On day 1, we have the following prices:

BTC perpetual price: $51000

BTC spot price: $50000

So how do we capitalize on the price discrepancy? Simple! The arbitrage starts by opening a short position on the perpetual market and buying the exact same amount of BTC on the spot market.


Let’s use an order size example of 1 BTC here:

On day 2, the prices converge:

BTC perpetual price: $52000

BTC spot price: $52000


In that situation, we close the arbitrage trade and calculate the results of the operation:

Perpetual result: - $1000 (because of the short)

Spot result: + $2000

Final profit: + $1000


It’s an arbitrage opportunity like any other.