Some frequently asked questions about OVEX FX

What is the OVEX FX Service?

Whether you are an importer, exporter speculator, arbitrageur or simply looking for a means to remit funds. OVEX FX is a full service Forex solution that bridges the gap between traditional finance and the world of cryptocurrency. Trade all major currencies with immediate execution and the tightest spreads. 


Is OVEX FX related to OVEX's crypto offerings?

OVEX FX is a non-crypto offering that leverages the power of our proprietary cryptocurrency trading technology to offer the lowest rates and fastest settlement times in industry. All payments go through a registered Authorised Dealer and normal capital laws and limits will apply.


What currencies does OVEX FX support?

From USD, EUR and GBP to CHF and JPY. OVEX FX supports all the world's major currency pairs. 


How do I lock in a quote?

We believe in a truly personalised and bespoke service at OVEX. You will either be set up with a Whatsapp OTC group or will be sent a Whatsapp number where you can request quotes and lock in trades. 


What are the booking cut-off times daily?

Value Today: 9:30am
Value Tomorrow: 4:00pm

Is there a minimum order size?

Please note that our minimum trade size for this service will be R200 000. 


What is the pricing like?

Pricing is at 5cents. Or R0.05 for every $1 bought/sold. Bank SWIFT fees are R500 per payment.


Please note:

Your instructions via the Whatsapp facility are binding in respect of FX order execution. Execution is immediate on the receipt of your instructions through Whatsapp and subject to no adverse movement in the FX rate/s quoted.