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In order to purchase dollar stablecoins on a client's behalf, you must first verify your clients for the purpose of SARB capital controls, AML, CTF and KYC.

Once you have become an authorised Broker, you can verify clients who have given you permission to become their broker through the 'Clients Overview' webpage.Manual arb

Once you are on the 'Clients Overview' page, a list of all clients who have chosen you as their Broker will appear. From here you will need to select the verify button to allow you to purchase dollar stablecoins on the client's behalf. This is an imperative step should you wish to trade arbitrage on your client's behalf. Manual arb1

You will then be taken to the 'Client Information' webpage where personal client information will need to be filled in and completed.

Manual arb2

You now need to upload Proof of Identity documents in the form of an ID and Proof of Address.

Now you need to add a saved bank account so when you are withdrawing funds for your clients in the future, it is clear which bank account to use.

Thereafter, the process is complete and the client's verification will be pending. Once verified, you will receive an email confirmation. You will then be allowed to purchase dollar stablecoins on behalf of your verified clients.