The famed OTC Desk processes billions in monthly volume and is testament to the sophistication of our trading products. See the below guide on how to get started.

STEP 1: Signup
Get started by simply creating an account on OVEX here. To trade volume over our Desk you must first achieve level 3 verification status. You can apply for level 3 verification on your OVEX dashboard. Additional KYC docs are required for organisations wanting to trade on the Desk. Once you have fully KYCd your account you can request a call-back from an OVEX Desk agent on the portal here. You may be asked for additional documentation dependent on your use case for the Desk.

STEP 2: Onboard
Once you have signed up and our compliance team is happy – then the fun starts. You will be assigned a dedicated team of trading experts on an OVEX WhatsApp group. Here you will raise orders for immediate execution.

STEP 3: Communicate
You can trade 24/7 by simply pinging your dedicated OVEX WhatsApp group with the details of your order.
It need not be long, you can simply say:
You: “I would like to buy 200 Bitcoin.”
Our Trader: “I can sell you 200 BTC at a price of R670 000 ZAR per Bitcoin.”

STEP 4: Confirm trade
You choose whether or not you wish to buy/sell at the price offered. If you agree, the trade is confirmed, and the trader will credit your OVEX account with the specified asset.

STEP 5: Complete trade
Once the OVEX OTC team has received authorization to execute the trade you will receive confirmation of the transaction via email

STEP 6: History
You can then access a full history of every trade made over the Desk on your OVEX Trade History dashboard