A guide on how to reset your 2FA

If you have lost or broken your authenticator you may need to reset your 2FA. In order to maintain the integrity of your OVEX account we require you to provide proof that the request to reset is indeed yours. 

Please email a photo of yourself holding a handwritten note.

The photo must be clear and include the following:

  • You must be holding your South African ID Book or Card
  • You must be holding a handwritten note that reads RESET 2FA
  • The note must have today's date in the right-hand corner
  • The note must include an approximation of the available balance in your OVEX account as well as a breakdown of the assets in your OVEX wallet
  • If you have assigned a broker to manage your account please include; the brokerage name, the broker/trader with access as well as their email.
  • Both the note and ID book must be legible and the photo clear

The reset 2FA email to must originate from the same email address linked to your OVEX account (this is important) with the subject line; RESET 2FA. 

 Support will reset your 2FA which you can then re-enable at will.