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What is ZARP?

ZARP stands as South Africa's leading stablecoin, designed to bridge the gap between the South African Rand (ZAR) and the world of Web3. It operates on three major blockchains: Ethereum, Fantom, and Polygon.

Stability is at the core of ZARP, achieved through its complete peg to the South African Rand. Every ZARP token in circulation is fully backed by an equivalent amount of physical ZAR held in reserves. This ensures that 1 ZARP will always be redeemable for 1 ZAR, maintaining a stable exchange rate.

Here's what sets ZARP apart:

  • Full Collateralization: ZARP is a fully collateralised stablecoin, meaning its value is directly tied to the South African Rand reserves held by Old Mutual Wealth. This transparency and backing instill confidence in the stability of the ZARP token.
  • Transparency and Security: The number of circulating ZARP tokens is always transparent and directly reflects the value of the ZAR reserves. Additionally, independent audits ensure the integrity of the reserves and guarantee a 1:1 redemption ratio.
  • Web3 Integration: Operating on multiple blockchains opens the doors for ZARP to be used within various Web3 applications and DeFi protocols, offering South African users a gateway to the decentralized financial landscape.

By offering a stable and secure digital representation of the South African Rand, ZARP aims to pave the way for wider adoption of Web3 technologies within South Africa, fostering innovation and financial inclusion.

How to Buy ZARP:

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