Trade high volume on our personalised 1:1 OTC Desk.

The OVEX Over The Counter trading desk is reserved exclusively for high volume clients looking for a more bespoke and personalised trading experience.

The OVEX liquidity engine means we can execute large tickets immediately and with zero slippage. 

What you can expect:

  • A dedicated trading team available 24/7
  • Price lock on orders of any size
  • Versatile on/off ramp solutions
  • Ubiquitous, ultra-liquid, network across multiple jurisdictions
  • Institutional-grade security
  • Post-trade settlement; trade now, deposit the funds later
  • Margin services
  • Robust balance sheet and credit history
  • Africa's most compliant exchange with licenses in several jurisdictions
  • OVEX FX enables users to trade Forex and Crypto under the same roof

Why does OVEX not offer an open order book?

Your trading size impacts the amount you pay as a result of "slippage".

Larger trades are aggregated over a number of buyers and/or sellers. This means the execution price ends up as an average of the lot. Not good.

OVEX is a market maker and therefore the only counter-party in every trade made on the exchange. This unique setup allows traders to secure a single price for all trades, irrespective of volume.

This price-lock feature is why the OVEX platform does not offer an open order book. Instead you have the peace of mind trading with a single known and regulated counter-party as opposed to several anonymous users. 

Perks for wealth managers and brokers: 

  • Manage all clients seamlessly at the single click of a button (handle 100 clients with the same ease as 1 client)
  • Commission statements, reconciliations, allocations and trading reports are all but a click away
  • Easily onboard clients; grant them access to their accounts OR create and manage their accounts completely on their behalf